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Women in Business

Did you know that more people started up their own business during the pandemic than ever before - and that many of these were women who had lost their job.

Reasons for starting business

The reasons behind this new trend seems obvious, although it may also be more than first thought.

People during the pandemic suffered badly - from business closures to having to suddenly work from home whilst home-schooling. Life was difficult. 2022 data has shown that mental health was a huge issue during this period too, although there were many advantages to this period of our lives.

  • People became creative! Those who hadn't ever thought about doing something creative suddenly took up online art and craft courses-thus the increase of the online live videos.

  • Online schools became the norm and therefore it also grew a new business for those looking to share their skills on Udemy, Teachable and other similar online apps.

  • Time management became crucial and therefore it made some rethink the longer working day-sending more to open their own business or change careers.

Similar statistics occurred during the 2008 GFC and my article on "History Repeats Itself" shows that it's often through periods of intense crisis that many make huge decisions about their lifestyle and career.

Many articles have been written about what happened during the pandemic and many aspiring writers grew their blogs during this time. One, by Nikita Sikri , suggests the Thirty Best High Income Skills, whilst another article by Sushma Singh talks about the 60 Best Business Ideas for Women in 2022. So why not check these out.

New Business Checklist

You don't know what you don't know when it comes to business and unless you are lucky enough to have someone in your family or friendship group guide you, then you need a basic checklist of where to start.

That's where we can help. In the meantime, complete our Business Checklist and see where you're at.

Need a business coach?

If you are new to business and feel like you need someone to hold your hand as you work your way through to starting your business, then why not ask us. Our process is simple.


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